How to Get Your RV Road-Ready

How to Get Your RV Road-Ready

Here in Maryland, peak RV season will soon be officially underway. Trees are starting to leaf out, the chances of snow are decreasing, robin sightings are increasing, and the air is beginning to warm up. The time has come to prepare your travel trailer for spring and summer RVing in Maryland and beyond!

De-winterizing your RV is a fitting time to perform thorough inspections and maintenance on the vehicle. Doing so now will hopefully prevent any mishaps during your upcoming trips, as well as extend the life of your travel trailer.

When Should I Start De-Winterizing my RV?

If the temperatures in your area have been staying consistently above freezing, that is your sign to go ahead with de-winterizing your RV. The key word is “consistently” – don’t jump the gun too early, or you’ll run the risk of having your pipes freeze, which could damage the water systems.

If you don’t have time to commit to the process, contact our professional RV service for assistance so your vehicle will be ready for a smooth camping season.

Inspection After-Winter Storage

If you have stored your RV in an indoor facility, this first step may not apply. However, if you have kept it under a plastic tarp or quality RV cover outdoors, the first thing we recommend doing come spring is to remove the tarp and look around inside for any potential damage that may have occurred.

Regions that experience heavy snowfall (which was not the case for Maryland this winter) can pile several feet of snow on a roof. If that accumulates all winter, the vehicle could collapse under that additional weight. Ideally, you will check on it every few weeks and shovel excess snow from the top to protect it during winter.

Water Damage

Even if you’ve been keeping a general eye out, freezing and thawing cycles in the winter months can create entry points for snow and rain to sneakily leak their way inside. Inspect the RV roof, window seals, and slide-outs for any evidence of water intrusion. It could show up as discoloring on walls or ceilings or ponding on windowsills or countertops.

If you make an unfortunate discovery of water damage, schedule proper repair immediately in an effort to avoid further damage via bacteria growth that could negatively affect the integrity of the RV’s frame. Thoroughly clean the area that needs repair with soap and water before allowing it to dry completely. If necessary, remove any dirt with a mild solvent or abrasive pad.


If you’re free and clear from damage, reinstall the vehicle’s battery and check that the battery is properly charged. One trick for winterizing a new or used RV is to purchase a trickle charger that is for sale to help maintain the charge and lengthen the life of the batteries.


Like any automobile, an RV’s tires will lose air pressure after being in storage for an extended amount of time. Under-inflated tires lead to decreased fuel efficiency and other potential hazards while operating the RV.

Inflate the tires to your manufacturer’s recommended pressure. If any of the tires show signs of rot or deterioration, have them replaced.

Plumbing Systems

Flush the winterizing antifreeze out of all potable water lines in your RV, as well as from the storage tank. Next, to ensure the water supply will be safe, you must sanitize the potable water system. Doing this should also take care of any bad taste or odor in the water. Finally, replace the water filters.


Check all the RV engine fluid levels (brake fluid, coolant, oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid) before heading out anywhere. If any levels are low, top them off or have the vehicle serviced. Take the RV to a mechanic if you suspect any leaks.

Electrical Systems

Next, turn on the RV and read the gauges to confirm all dash lights, headlights, tail lights, and windshield wipers are in working order. Replace any defective lights.

At Economy RVS in southern Maryland, we have an assortment of new RV parts and accessories for sale so you can find what you need.

Safety Features

And finally, before you stock the fridge with Maryland crabcakes and beer, be sure to check the fire extinguisher (needle should be in the green) and the batteries in your RV’s smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector and replace if necessary. Check that the needle is in the green on your fire extinguisher and that it is within the expiration date. Replace it with a new fire extinguisher if it is outdated. Check and restock your first aid and emergency supplies, too.

Your future self will also thank you if you make and keep a de-winterization document to alert you of areas of potential concern and any other reminders for next spring.

New RVs and Campers for Sale in Maryland

Taking time to effectively de-winterize your RV will set you up for a smooth camping season! If at any point in the process you feel ill-prepared for the task or run out of time to complete them all, keep professional de-winterization by a RV dealership like Economy RVS in mind. Our RV experts can provide completely hassle-free de-winterization services to save you time and provide peace of mind.

In addition to providing service appointments, Economy RVS offers new RVs and campers for sale at our convenient location in Mechanicsville, MD. If you’ve been searching in Maryland for the best new campers and RVS for sale, check out our inventory online or visit us today. We’d love to help get you on the road to making great memories this year!




The Best Romantic RV Getaways

The Best Romantic RV Getaways

Are you an RVer through and through? One who wouldn’t stay in a hotel even if it were the last resort? Then your Valentine’s Day plans are probably going to include a romantic RV getaway, and we’ve got a lineup of great places to fit that bill.

February is a wonderful, quieter time of year for exploring the warmer climates and the countless unique and romantic road stops throughout the United States.

  1. New Orleans, LA

History, architecture, and culture all collide in New Orleans, LA, a city with a thriving personality. New Orleans offers world-class restaurants, theaters, and live music. From exploring the streets of the French Quarter or Garden District to watching a sunset over the Mississippi River, you’ll have no shortage of ways to woo your main squeeze. New Orleans is such a romantic city that it’s even a hotspot destination for weddings and honeymoons.

  1. Pagosa Springs, CO

What’s more romantic than relaxing in a hot spring with steam rising around you and snowflakes gently falling around you? Not much – and that’s why Pagosa Springs, CO, makes a perfect Valentine’s Day RV getaway.

Make reservations at an onsite private pool for two, or plan an adventure to hike to one of the wild hot springs to enjoy the spectacular views. At over a thousand feet deep, Pagosa Springs is fed by the deepest hot spring in the world. Aside from relaxing in the hot springs, you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy as you explore the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.

  1. Savannah, GA

Southern charm abounds in the Spanish moss-draped streets of Savannah, GA. Take in the historic antebellum architecture of Savannah on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride or trolley ride through the picturesque town filled with fountains and natural beauty. Dine at the award-winning restaurants in Savannah and find time for a stroll along the beach at nearby Tybee Island. Romance is around every corner in Savannah!

  1. Florida Keys, FL

If your one-and-only is dreaming of a tropical vacation without leaving the country, an RV trip to the Florida Keys is just the ticket. At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, you’ll find opportunities for snorkeling and scuba tours, glass bottom boat rides, kayaking and paddle boarding, and other ways to explore.

Just west of Key West, you can explore Dry Tortugas National Park, a remote park with seven small islands. Dry Tortugas is accessible only by boat or seaplane, so you’ll need to leave the RV behind for a bit to visit the home of the magnificent Fort Jefferson and take in a breathtaking assortment of bird life and coral reef set amongst blue waters.

  1. Pittsburgh, PA

Coffee lovers may find no better way to espresso their love for each other than by visiting a coffee destination like Pittsburgh. That’s right, Pittsburgh!

In the Strip District neighborhood, you can explore a walkable shopping district with an ever-present aroma of freshly roasted coffee. A few local favorite coffee stops include de Fer Coffee & Tea, Big Dog Coffee, and Griff’s Grounds Coffee.

Driving into Pittsburgh, you’ll get to pass through the Fort Pitt Tunnel – with a great view of the beautiful mountains of West Virginia beforehand and an arrival at the heart of the city afterward. Pittsburgh has all sorts of bridges with beautiful landscapes to take in as you drive too. Riding the Duquesne Incline is a fun experience and an easy way to see the city.

Finally, a romantic getaway in Pittsburgh wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Mount Washington Overlook, where you can take in the city from 367 feet up.

  1. Wytheville, VA

Virginia is for lovers, but that’s not the only reason that Wytheville, VA is such a great romantic getaway destination.

Located four hours west of Richmond and 40 miles north of the state’s North Carolina border, Wytheville is a charming historic mountain town with lots of Colonial and Victorian-era architecture to enjoy. RVers will have no shortage of campgrounds to stay at in Wytheville, and the town has long been known among travelers as a place with delicious eateries.

  1. Charleston, SC

Anyone smitten with the work of romance novelist Nicholas Sparks will be enthralled with a trip to Charleston, SC, where most of the scenes from the blockbuster movie adaptation of Sparks’ “The Notebook” were filmed. One of those scenes was at Cypress Gardens, a beautiful low country area with gardens, a butterfly and bird habitat greenhouse, and swamp grounds.

For an unforgettable Valentine’s Day trip in Charleston, you’ll also want to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the cobblestone streets, explore the French Quarter, and try as many of the city’s delicious restaurants as you can. The coastal city is also full of romantic places to watch the sunrise or sunset, like Sullivan’s Island Beach and Mount Pleasant’s Pitt Street Bridge.

New and Used RV Dealers in Maryland

If you’re looking for new or used RV dealers in Maryland to help get you rolling for your Valentine’s Day getaway, come visit us at Economy RVS in Mechanicsville, MD. Economy RVS is a new and used RV dealer dedicated to providing our customers with the service and attention they deserve. We are the largest RV dealership in southern Maryland, and we strive to make camping fun for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for your first RV, an upgrade, or the latest model in Maryland, make sure to call us at (301) 884-8400 or contact us online today! Our Maryland inventory includes both new and used travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and expandable trailers. Browse our new RV Parts & Accessories department. We hope you get to hit the open road sometime soon!

Best Gift Ideas for RV Living!

Best Gift Ideas for RV Living!

Are you shopping for an RV owner this holiday season? Whether it’s a gift during the holidays or some other time during the year, our gift guide is chock full of great RV gift ideas they will love and use as they travel and adventure. Even if you’ve waited until the last minute and are pressed for time (we’ve been there!), these gift ideas can be purchased with a few quick clicks online.

Whether you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas for RV owners, practical gifts for RVers, or something more outdoorsy to gift – we’ve got you covered with the best gift ideas for RV living!

Experiences to Give

Tinggly Gift Box

If you’ve waited until the last minute – or even if you haven’t – a Tinggly gift box is a phenomenal gift option. Tinggly allows recipients to choose from a variety of experiences. If you’re not sure exactly which experience to gift, no problem! Purchase a Tinggly gift card and the recipients can choose the specific experience (or several) of their liking.

For RVers traveling the continental United States, there are so many adventures to choose from. Just a sampling of options includes an Oak Creek Canyon jeep tour in Sedona, AZ, a sunset sail on the San Francisco Bay, a Washington D.C. cherry blossom festival guided bike tour, stock car driving at Pocono Raceway, an evening dolphin paddle board excursion on the Delaware Bay, and many more.

The United States Park Pass

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! It might not be a jelly-of-the-month club, but we’d argue that the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass is even better.

Giving a gift like this is fun because the recipients will think of you whenever they use it. The pass covers the cost of entrance, standard amenity fees, and day-use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle.

They’ll have more than 2,000 federal recreation sites to choose from, so if you’re not sure what’s in store for their year’s itinerary, that’s okay. Chances are they’ll wind up near several places this pass covers!

Harvest Hosts Membership

Choose from three levels of memberships with Harvest Hosts to suit your gift-giving fancy, and your loved one will receive admission to thousands of unique locations across the United States. Breweries, distilleries, farms, golf courses, wineries, and other attractions are all part of a Harvest Hosts membership.

Practical Gifts

Lightweight Dishes

Great dishes are essential for RVers. Look for something lightweight and break-resistant.

This Stansport 24-piece tableware set has excellent reviews, and with good reason! They feature a sturdy metal construction and are easy to clean, which is perfect when you’re on the go and don’t want the extra fuss.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

RV travel is a joy, but unless you’re intentionally going off the grid, losing cell phone service when you’re out and about is a pain.

RV cell phone signal boosters are specially designed to take weak signals from the nearest cell towers and boost them to deliver RVers a stronger signal. The WeBoost cell phone signal booster is a fantastic gift for RV travelers, as it leads to fewer dropped calls, faster internet speeds, and increased coverage area. Anyone traveling to or through remote areas will appreciate the convenience and peace of mind this gift provides.

Collapsible Coffee Dripper

If the person you’re shopping for drinks coffee, chances are they will be thrilled to add the Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper to their RV’s kitchen. The silicone dripper brews a great pour-over coffee without using a paper filter. It collapses for easy storage when it’s not being used – every RV traveler’s dream! Pair it with a quality bag of coffee beans, and you’re all set.

Camping and Outdoorsy Gifts

Portable Fire Pit

A portable fire pit lets you have a campfire wherever you travel, and we can think of few things better than that. The Breeo Fire Pit is an excellent choice for RVers as it offers a campfire experience without as much mess since it’s designed to create less smoke and soot. Plus, Breeo Fire Pits are made in the United States of America and come with a lifetime warranty.

(Source: Breeo)


A hammock is easy to stow away when traveling and adds the perfect cozy seating or napping spot at any campsite.

We love the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock for lots of reasons, including its affordable price point and the variety of color options for everyone on your gifting list. This hammock is available in single or double sizes and comes with sturdy straps and carabiners to attach it securely to a tree or a hammock stand (sold separately).

Personalized Camping Doormat

Something about a personalized gift shows extra intention and care. A personalized camping doormat also possesses an element of practicality as RVers appreciate a place to clean their feet off before stepping inside.

If the people you’re shopping for already have good doormats, a custom RV travel journal or Happy Camper sign could be a good idea. Etsy has plenty of artists and small business owners you can support while finding great gift options for RV owners!

Outstanding RV Stores Near Me in Maryland

We hope these ideas have inspired you as you shop for the RV owners and travelers in your life! Economy RVS is conveniently located in Mechanicsville, MD, and ready to set you up for your next adventure.

If you’re trying to find RV stores near me in Maryland, come visit us along Route 5 at 29020 Three Notch Road, Mechanicsville, MD. We have served clients along the eastern seaboard for more than 25 years. Whether you’re native to Maryland or located elsewhere, you can view our inventory of RVs and travel trailers online to land a great deal and end your search to find RV stores near me in MD.

Contact us with any questions as you search for your next new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or expandable trailer.

How to Properly Prepare Your RV For Winter Travel

How to Properly Prepare Your RV For Winter Travel

Summer and autumn tend to be the preferred seasons when it comes to RV travel, but winter RV travel has just as much to offer if you know how to plan. Lower temperatures, crisp air, peaceful landscapes, emptier campgrounds, and no bugs are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of perks for wintertime RV travel.

Winter offers plenty of fun opportunities for RV trips, but it presents different challenges to prepare for. We’ve assembled a list of things to do before heading out on your next winter RV excursion! If it feels like a lot of extra effort, just remember that your travel mates and future self will thank you when you’re warm and cozy during your winter escape.

Safeguard the Plumbing

To protect your pipes and fluid systems from freezing if the temperature dips below 32 degrees, take all the preventative measures you can. Apply heat tape to your RV’s water and sewage pipelines to help ensure the pipe and the liquid inside will not freeze. Some RVers also wrap valves in exterior access areas with heat tape since they may be vulnerable to freezing. It’s an easy step that will give you peace of mind!

In addition, add a small amount of purple specialty RV antifreeze to the RV holding tanks to decrease the chances of freezing. Contact Economy RVS if you’re trying to find an RV store in MD with a service center of professionals who can help you prepare your RV for winter.

Test the Furnace

Before you set out, test the furnace and clean the area around it with compressed air or a soft brush. If your RV only has a heat pump or heat fins, keep in mind those systems do not work their best when outdoor temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to make winter trips a regular part of your lifestyle, you may want to install another heat source.

Examine and Enhance the Exterior

Before you roll out, check the window seals on your vehicle and re-caulk if needed. Check the weather stripping on each exterior door and replace it where necessary to prevent any chilly drafts while traveling. Insulated window coverings, such as reflective foil, are an inexpensive way to warm things up inside. Hanging heavy drapes in each RV window will also help insulate and cozy up your RV for winter.

RV skirts are one way to block cold air from being blown underneath the RV, which means your interior will stay warmer. Plus, they help protect any exposed water pipes and valves below. Some RVers prefer going the extra mile by cutting insulating foam boards (found at local hardware stores) to fit between the frame of the RV and the ground around the base of your vehicle. Putting in this snug barrier is a way to help insulate tanks, water lines, and the floor.

Protect the Fresh Water Hose

In the winter, use your RV’s internal freshwater tank, when possible, instead of connecting to a freshwater line at a campground. If you must use the freshwater hookup, consider purchasing a heated water hose to prevent any freezing or bursting. The heated water hoses are controlled by a thermostat and require AC power to function. All hoses and cables should be kept off the ground and out of the snow.

Odds and Ends to Consider

  • Parking in a space where your stabilizing jacks will touch bare ground (instead of asphalt) can lead to the jacks freezing to the ground. To prevent this, travel with a set of wooden blocks to put below your jacks each time you park.
  • A full tank is less likely to freeze than half-full tanks. For this reason, put off emptying tanks until they are full so they do not freeze.
  • Clean any snow, ice, and frost off RV awnings. If ice and snow accumulate, the awning may be unable to roll up when you’re ready to leave. Ice can also be detrimental to slide gaskets, so you may opt to spray RV antifreeze on the gaskets to keep them retracting properly.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Emergencies can arise any time of year, so having extra provisions on hand is never a bad thing. Here are a few things to stock up on and keep in your RV for your winter trip:

  • Tire chains
  • Flashlights
  • Snow shovel
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Extra propane
  • Sleeping bags designed for zero-degree temperatures
  • Five gallons of drinking water
  • Extra food
  • A camping stove that does not require propane
  • A gasoline-powered generator
  • Extra blankets
  • Extra warm clothing
  • Emergency GPS
  • First aid kit
  • Blow dryer (to use to defrost pipes and tanks)
  • Cash

Double-Check Your Destinations

Chances are you’re already in the habit of checking the weather forecast before you travel, but wintertime trips are a great time to make it a regular practice. Winter storms can appear out of the blue in some parts of the country, so keep your eyes and ears out for warnings from local sources or the National Weather Service.

It also can’t hurt to make sure the campgrounds you’re heading to are actually open. Some campgrounds close for the season in September or October, so make sure you have a definitive resting point rather than making assumptions.

Find RV Stores in Maryland (MD)

If you’re ready to embark on a winter adventure and need to find RV stores in Maryland, head to Economy RVS in Southern Maryland. We’ve been in the RV business for more than 25 years and offer new and used travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and expandable trailers.

Wherever you call home and whatever you have planned for this winter, we’d be happy to serve you! Our expert RV service team will gladly take care of your RV and make sure you’re ready to travel and make memories even in the harshest winter weather.

What You Need to Know About Toy Haulers

What You Need to Know About Toy Haulers

Heading to the mountains, lake, or whatever countryside haven you have access to on the weekends is unbeatable. Loading up ATVs, canoes, dirt bikes, fishing equipment, golf carts, kayaks, snowmobiles, and the like on cumbersome equipment racks can make getting to your destination more stressful than necessary.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer who has dealt with this predicament, keep reading to see if a toy hauler is right for you and your crew.

What is a Toy Hauler?
A toy hauler RV combines mobile living space and an equipment hauler into one convenient package with extremely versatile layouts. The back of a toy hauler opens into a ramp for loading your equipment. Toy haulers are also great for boondocking, dry camping, and tailgating.

Understanding the basic differences between each RV type can improve your buying experience. Toy haulers are available in four models: travel trailers, 5th wheels, cargo trailers, and motorcoach toy haulers.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are typically less expensive than other toy haulers, as you are only paying for the interior amenities instead of an engine. Many have living space as well as storage space for toys. Travel trailers only need to be detached from the hitch, making them ultra-convenient. They are excellent for easily loading bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and camping equipment. However, they are generally not designed to transport larger toys.

Smaller travel trailers combine living space with garage space, so they must be unloaded upon arrival if you plan to use the interior living space. Travel trailers are a wonderful way to upgrade your tent camping experience.

5th Wheel Toy Haulers

Fifth-wheelers connect to the bed of a truck using a jaw hitch, which creates greater stability. They also offer more living space and optional features, such as storage areas and fold-up beds or sofas. If you’re interested in something for long-term living, fifth-wheelers might be the best option for you.

When deciding between a travel trailer or a fifth-wheeler, it helps to consider your tow vehicle and its capabilities. A sizeable truck is necessary to tow most fifth-wheelers when fully loaded.

Cargo Trailer Toy Haulers

These haulers only provide storage space; they do not have a living area or sleeping compartment. You can load and unload your cargo without difficulty, as these haulers have a side entry door and a ramp. Cargo haulers work well for anyone who has accommodation sorted and only needs a safe enclosure for their toys.

Motorcoach Toy Haulers

With an all-in-one setup, motorcoach toy haulers offer the utmost in convenience and luxury. They also come with the highest price tags. Since a motorhome combines living space and toy hauling space into one vehicle, there is no need to worry about hitching or towing a vehicle. The main drawbacks of motorcoaches are that they come with the highest price tag and the lowest gas mileage.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Toy Hauler

How much your camping toys weigh will play a major role in determining the right toy hauler for you. Always assess the towing capacity of your vehicle before making a decision.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum weight a trailer can handle when fully loaded. If you buy a toy hauler with insufficient GVWR, you’ll need to reduce your weight by leaving something behind at home. Surpassing the GVWR has the potential to create issues with your vehicle’s suspension and can void your RV’s warranty.

Consider what you plan to use your toy hauler for and check to see if the structural design and capacity are right for your purposes. Take a look at the ramp design and strength, too. If you plan to use a toy hauler for snowmobiles, you’ll want a toy hauler complete with four-season weatherization.

Toy Hauler Maintenance

Whatever type of toy hauler you purchase, creating a preventative maintenance schedule will set you up for the best experience. Check your RV for signs of water damage and perform a deep cleaning before trips. In the off-season, store your RV in a clean and dry place to maximize its lifespan.

With toy haulers, regularly oiling the hinges on the garage’s entry ramp is key. The systems that hold the auxiliary vehicle should also be properly maintained, so nothing slides around while you travel. Economy RVS in Maryland offers professional maintenance and repairs for your RV toy hauler needs. Call our service director at 301-884-8472 with questions or to schedule.

Toy Hauler and RV Stores in Maryland

If you’re in or around MD and searching for new or used RV toy haulers and campers near me, visit Economy RVS in Mechanicsville, MD to find the right RV for you. Wherever you’re located, you can browse our inventory of new and used RVs online. Economy RVS has been in the RV business for more than 25 years, and we’ll be happy to help you find a great toy hauler for all your adventures and answer any questions as you decide.