RV Maintenance Part 2: Tips for Long Term Enjoyment

An RV can take a lot of abuse from the roads and extreme weather, from blistering hot runs to torrential rains, hail, and snow. Keeping an eye on your RV yourself and scheduling regular inspections and tune-ups with reputable service professionals will help your RV stay in great shape for your long-term enjoyment.

Here are several tips for areas to focus on in your regular maintenance for your RV.

1. Roof – An RV roof can be time-consuming to inspect, but doing so is a necessary evil. Perform regular inspections of your RV roof every 60 to 90 days, and reseal the roof as needed. If your RV roof has had previous damage, these inspections are even more imperative. If you’re not a fan of heights or have mobility difficulties, have a professional perform a thorough roof inspection for you. The sooner a crack or other issues are spotted, the less likely they’ll escalate into expensive problems.

2. Tires – Structurally sound tires are important in any vehicle, but particularly in larger ones like an RV. Inspect your RV tires daily as you travel. Carry a pressure gauge and portable inflator, and check the tire pressure before you drive and when you stop for fuel. Stabilizing the tire pressure can be a tricky task, and sometimes the tire PSI (pounds per square inch) may need to be adjusted to accommodate various terrain. For example, it may need to be lowered to traverse sandy terrain. Cold weather and driving can also cause tire pressure to drop, making it extra important to remember to check and maintain the tires. Be sure to take a look at the lugs to make sure they’re properly tightened, too. You should also inspect your wheel bearings periodically or have a professional do so if you’re unsure what to look for. Forgetting to inspect the tires could lead to a flat tire and damage to the underside of your RV that can be quite expensive to have repaired. Plus, tire issues have been known to cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles on the road.

3. Engine – Checking the engine regularly, like many maintenance tasks, is not only important for protecting your RV in the long term but for the short term, too. After all, who wants a trip to be held up by a dead battery or other engine problems? Find out if your RV batteries require tasks such as checking the water level. Some batteries are maintenance-free, but it’s important to find out what you’re working with. Confirm the life expectancy of your battery and how many years it has been since you replaced it. If at any point in time, you notice your RV engine battery struggling, have it professionally checked. Another RV engine maintenance must is changing the oil regularly. This should typically be done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

4. Plumbing System – If your RV has a plumbing system, make sure you are checking and cleaning your water filters. Remembering to do this will help prevent any leaks or other plumbing troubles.

5. Electrical System – Regularly check and maintain the electrical system in your RV. Check that the appliances in your RV are functioning as they should. Turn on the exterior and interior lights to make sure they’re working, and put in replacements where and when needed.

6. Find Proper RV Storage – When you’re not traveling, it is worthwhile to keep your RV in a secure storage area. Depending on where you live, various weather conditions can affect the quality of your RV’s exterior, whether that be extreme heat and sun damage or freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.

By following these maintenance tips and others from your RV manufacturer, you’ll be able to avoid any major issues and protect your investment. In addition to checking things out yourself, regular professional maintenance is also a must to ensure the long-term enjoyment of your RV. Be sure to have your RV professionally inspected by a professional annually to catch any trouble spots before they become bigger issues.

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