How to Secure Your RV

It’s easy to see why so many people get hooked on RVing – even those who may not have enjoyed camping. Like any vehicle, these valuable machines can be at risk of theft. Whether you’re out to eat at a local restaurant or gone for a hike, your RV will occasionally be left unsupervised. We at Economy RVS, as camper dealers in Maryland, want to make sure it stays safe.

For your peace of mind and smooth traveling, we’ve compiled some tips for safely securing your RV in MD and wherever the road may take you. By putting enough roadblocks in the way, hopefully you’ll be able to stop most would-be thieves from taking your travel trailer.

1. Always Lock Up

Even if you feel like you’re in the safest of areas or you’ll only be gone for a short chunk of time, lock your RV. It might seem like a no-brainer, but leaving your RV unlocked – even for a brief several minutes – puts it at risk of being stolen.

2. Park Thoughtfully

Whether you’re parking your RV at a campsite or in a parking lot, be sure to park in a well-lit area if possible. At a campsite, try to park as far away from any roads as possible to make more work for any potential thieves.

Another deterrent for burglars can be to block your travel trailer with whatever tow vehicle you’re using. If you’re able to, park your trailer up against a building, or in the case of a campsite, the tree line. This will make it difficult (or impossible) for a thief to maneuver it to another towing vehicle.

When parking at home, aim to have an enclosed, secure area to park in, such as a barn or garage. If that’s not possible, at least ensure the RV is parked on your property and not on the street.

3. Minimize Temptation

Much like when parking your personal vehicle in a city, it’s best to eliminate temptation for thieves by not leaving any expensive equipment inside in plain view for others. Deliberately secure your possessions, such as electronics, out of sight.

Unfortunately, storage compartments are easy targets, making them an unwise option for storing valuables. Many compartments can be opened with a single common key or are simple to break into with a screwdriver. Auxiliary generators are another common theft target, so do what you can to secure yours.

4. Upgrade Your Locks

If you have a new-to-you camper, one of the first things you can do to secure it is upgrade the entry doors and access panel locks. Generic keys, primarily the CH751 key, can open doors and compartments on most RV units. Upgrading to other locks will add extra layers of security for your vehicle.

5. Invest in Specialty Locks

For maximum security, you may also want to invest in a tongue lock. Tongue locks attach to the coupler of the trailer where it connects to the ball hitch. It is the best way to lock a trailer tongue, as it closes the coupler, making the trailer inoperable. It is a great asset for when your trailer may be disconnected from your vehicle and therefore more vulnerable.

A hitch lock is another great investment. It is designed to keep your hitch pin in place, preventing someone from removing your hitch completely if it is disconnected from your vehicle.

Finally, a chock lock is useful to attach to your RV wheel to prevent the wheels from turning. These devices are similar to the infamous boots used by law enforcement to impound vehicles, and sometimes just the sight of one can be enough to stop a burglar from messing with your RV.

6. Hide GPS Tracking Devices

If someone does manage to break into your RV and steal it, having a GPS tracking device hidden inside may be of great service to you. The hidden GPS will allow you to track where the vehicle is and give the police a heads-up.

7. Add an Alarm System

If you’re willing and able to spend a bit more, a quality wireless security and vehicle recovery system is another option for protection – if your RV didn’t already come equipped with one. Some wireless, vibration-activated alarms available on the market will alert you if someone is tampering with your RV.

Quality Camper Dealers in Maryland

Taking these steps can help keep you and your RV safe and secure while maintaining your peace of mind. If you’re trying to find camper dealers in Maryland, we at Economy RVS in Mechanicsville, MD would be happy to serve you.

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