9 Tips and Tricks for Making RV Traveling Easier

Who doesn’t love a good “hack” to make life a little bit easier? The internet is bursting with ideas like using floss to make cutting cinnamon rolls a breeze or putting a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from spilling over.

Traveling in an RV is the perfect time to employ tricks from campers who have gone before you. Chances are, if there’s something irking you when you travel or set up camp, someone else has been bothered by it too and discovered a way to eliminate the inconvenience.

RV tips go a long way in making your life easier and adding to the adventure experience. If you’re new to RVing and haven’t found yourself ruffled by things when traveling, we think you’ll appreciate these nine tips and tricks to make your first or next trip smoother and more wonderful.

1. Choose the Right Type of RV For Your Needs

Whether you buy a new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or expandable trailer, there will be no shortage of RVs and campers for sale to choose from. Choosing the right RV for your travel needs and plans is the first step in making the best travels and adventures.

Know how many people you’ll be traveling with and what amenities you prefer (such as a kitchen or bathroom). Narrow down your must-haves ahead of time so you can make a wise choice for your travels without being overwhelmed by all the great new and used RVs for sale.

2. Check Before You Go

Before you leave on a trip, do a running check to make sure everything on the RV is in working order. Check the brake lights, appliances, and other elements of your camper are all in working order so you don’t have a last-minute realization that will hold you up or slow you down. If you’re a newbie to RV travel, practice towing and backing up the camper. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Always Pack a Level

Pack a level tool so you can ensure the trailer is level when you settle into your destination. When you put the stabilizers down, you need to make sure the trailer is level and not too high or low on either side.

4. Avoid Nighttime Driving

Many road trippers consider driving at night to be advantageous for having less traffic and being a time passengers can sleep to pass the time quickly. However, driving an RV on unfamiliar roads in the dark is dangerous because of the combination of reduced visibility and potential tiredness.

Driving in the daytime will reduce the likelihood that you’ll hit an animal on the road or have other accidents. Plus, it will be easier to navigate the campground when you arrive and to set up your rig. Daylight driving is easier and safer – making it a habit worth sticking to.

5. Use a Signal Booster

Wi-Fi is available at the bulk of campsites, but sometimes getting a good signal can be dicey. Invest in a Wi-Fi reception signal booster to help in case you ever find yourself struggling with losing service. Cell phones rely on a tiny antenna to connect to cell phone towers, so connecting to a device with a larger antenna can aid in finding a connection.

6. Know the Weight of the RV

Traveling in an overloaded vehicle is not worth the risk. Extra weight increases the wear and tear on your RV, whether it’s used or new. Plus, if you’re ever in an accident, a weigh-in of your RV will be performed. If the vehicle is deemed overweight, that may cause any insurance claims to be void and make you liable.

7. Use a Collapsible Trash Can

One way to maximize your space on the go is by using the most efficient items. In the case of trash receptacles, we recommend using a collapsible laundry basket. This item can easily be stored away when you’re traveling but provides plenty of space for your trash when you’re camping.

8. Opt for Blackout Curtains

If you’re traveling with children or consider yourself anywhere close to being a light sleeper, purchase blackout curtains for your trips. Sometimes you’ll be ready to take a nap after a long drive when the sun is still out, and being able to slide those blackout curtains will be just the ticket to a satisfying sleep even if the sun’s still out.

9. Consider Command Hooks

Seasoned RV campers are quick to sing the praises of command hooks. Purchase some of these lightweight adhesive hooks with suction cups at your local hardware store to use for hanging your vehicle keys by the door inside the camper, a fly swatter, or everyone’s towels in the bathroom.

Finding a Great New or Used Camper for Sale in Maryland

We hope one (or all) of those tips and tricks will help you enjoy the journey as you adventure in your RV. If you’ve been searching for new and used RVS or a new or used camper for sale in Maryland, we invite you to browse the inventory at Economy RVS in Mechanicsville, MD.

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