How Important is it to Winterize Your RV?

Winter and its freezing temperatures are coming, and for recreational vehicle owners that means the time is now to start winterizing! Winterizing your camper or RV will protect it from potential damage and make the process of getting started for the next season much easier.

If you leave water in your RV pipes and it turns into ice and expands, your pipes will expand and eventually burst. Nobody wants to deal with the aftermath (and bills) if something like that happens. Whether you have a trailer, fifth wheel, or something in between, consider these tips for getting your vehicle ready to handle anything this winter!

What is winterization?

Winterization is all about making sure your vehicle’s water lines do not freeze by properly flushing them and adding special RV antifreeze in specific places. Proper winterization should be achieved through professional consultation, and our service department at Economy RVS in Maryland offers winterization services that will give you peace of mind. All recreational vehicles are susceptible to rotting or leaking if proper maintenance is not conducted, so neglecting to have your vehicle professionally winterized could result in damage and repair costs that could have been prevented. We not only offer new and used RVs for sale in MD, but quality products and services for all of your RV needs – including winterization.

When should I winterize my RV?

If you’ll be in temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler, winterization is extremely important to have done before putting your vehicle into storage. With new and used RVs for sale and a complete service department at Economy RVS in southern MD, we’ve seen the catastrophic results when people forget or delay winterization. Taking time to have professionals winterize your RV will prevent calamities, such as having the water in your water heater freeze and create ice that could put cracks in the tank. That bygone saying of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly applicable when it comes to winterizing RVs.


Our trusted, experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your recreational vehicle at the start of the winterization process. We will check the roof and sidewall seams for any cracks or signs of leaking and the fiberglass exterior for any soft spots or sections splitting apart into layers. There is typically a plastic floor wrapping underneath RVs to keep water out, and this will be closely inspected to ensure the floor is not rotting. Dry insulation means the floor is clear, while wet insulation indicates it is time for repairs. We will also inspect the rubber roof, so that it can remain maintained for maximum longevity. If it shows signs of aging, it may require new paint on coatings.

Things You Can Do

While trying to completely winterize your RV on your own could end up causing damage that could have been avoided, there are steps that you can (and should) take to care for your RV this winter. It starts with disconnecting any outside water source and draining all of the holding tanks, water heaters, and drain lines. Disconnect all power sources and cover the cooking areas.

Parking your RV in a safe location for winter is essential. Before parking for the winter, seal any holes to keep insects or rodents from making their way inside to wreak havoc. You could also spray rubber surfaces with a silicone spray in order to keep them flexible.

Every month that your vehicle is in storage, take time to run the motor engine and move it a few feet. Quick drives like this during the winter will help to relieve the pressure on the tires and help all of the electrical and mechanical components to stay in working condition.

Benefits of Winterization

In case you need any more convincing that winterization is worth the time and investment, here are some more benefits of the service.

  • Protect battery: once a battery loses too much charge, it runs the risk of freezing. When that happens, the only option is to replace it. Before storing the battery this winter, carefully and thoroughly clean it and ensure that it is completely charged.
  • Preserve wheels: all tires will be properly inflated to keep them safe over the winter.
  • Eliminate moisture: Moisture in an RV can lead to rot and the growth of mildew or fungi which will significantly damage the interior.

Schedule Winterization Services Where RVs Are for Sale in Maryland

At Economy RVs, a standard winterization costs $179.99. We also offer a winterization and de-winterization combination service for $249.99. All of our winterization services will include a free roof check to thoroughly inspect the seals and sealants. Additional charges are involved for ice makers and washers and dryers. To schedule a winterization service today, give us a call at (301) 884-8400 or fill out a contact form online. Our knowledgeable service team looks forward to working with you!

Keeping your RV in top shape throughout the winter will ensure you get to use it for a long time to come and that the wonderful times keep rolling.