Have Fun & Travel Safely This Holiday Season!

Depending on what kind of movies you like, if you think of RVs and the holiday season, the first image that pops into your mind is likely of the infamous Cousin Eddie standing in a bathrobe on Clark Griswald’s street emptying his RV’s sewer into the public system. But, as long as you’re not mimicking Eddie’s illegal behavior, we can assure you that holiday RV travel is the way to go to see more and save more!

We have new and used campers for sale at Economy RVS in Maryland that will get you all of the comforts of home while you travel this holiday season and beyond in one of the most cost-effective forms of travel.

If you are already planning to make a holiday getaway trip, upgrading to an RV for your travels can be an absolute game-changer. Instead of spending Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas in an impersonal hotel room, you can enjoy being in your own private RV with whatever décor and traditions you’d like to pack and plan for.

Bring the pets along

Anyone who has pets they adore knows that a vacation without them just isn’t the same. Thankfully, RVing offers a great way to bring your pets wherever you go, without the added hassle and expense of scheduling time at a pet boarding facility or finding a pet-friendly hotel. If your fur babies aren’t big fans of being left behind, they’ll be extra glad that you’ve looked into new or used campers for sale at Economy RVS in MD.

Connect with Nature … Without Sacrificing Amenities

RV travel lets you be in nature with a solid dose of security and comfort. Whatever you have at home, you can have in your camper or RV – from gourmet kitchens to a washer and dryer to plush beds. You can customize an RV or camper to suit your needs and dreams. That way you can enjoy being in the great outdoors with the sounds of birds and crickets and other wildlife, while still having running water and the comfort of four sturdy walls around you.

Kids Love RVing

If you’re a parent of young children or a grandparent wanting to bring the grands along on a holiday trip, bear in mind that RVs have a lot of perks when it comes to traveling with kids.  Sleeping in a camper will allow the kids to have a consistent sleep environment rather than adjusting to new hotels or places along the way. At the end of the day, you can put the kids to bed in the camper and then relax by the campfire. Besides all of that though, taking adventures in a camper provides endless opportunities for fun and memory-making that the kids will carry in their hearts forever.

Pack as Much as Your Heart Desires

Hate packing because you have trouble sticking to the bare essentials? Then you’ll love being able to pack everything you need in a camper or RV that has storage space to accommodate that. Wherever you’re headed for the holidays and however many gifts you’ve got in tow to deliver to loved ones you’ll be visiting, a camper or RV will have the space to take the stress out of paring down when you pack.

Make Family Gatherings Less Stressful

Staying with relatives at the holidays can make things a little (or a lot) stressful for everyone involved, but when you’re traveling by RV it means you won’t have to stay with your in-laws or impose on anyone. Some families who live in many different parts of the country find that when each family unit invests in new or used campers, it creates a new opportunity to gather. Each group can travel by camper or RV to a central or neutral location for the holidays. Doing so takes the stress off of one family planning and hosting and also allows everyone to make memories exploring a new destination.

Affordability All the Way Around

Traveling in or with a camper will involve higher gas costs, but beyond that the camper and RV life is truly cost-effective. (Plus, even with high fuel prices, traveling by RV is still cheaper than flying.) Having extra storage space can save you on equipment rentals since you can pack bicycles, skis, golf clubs, or whatever your crew is into. A kitchen in tow allows for immense savings on food. Campers will save you on lodging costs as campgrounds and RV parks are generally significantly cheaper.

We can help you with financing for your unique situation, and you can fill out a consumer credit application on our site.

With so many different types of new and used campers to choose from at Economy RVS, you are bound to find something that fits your needs for the holiday season and all year long. Browse our selection of new and used RVs online or stop in at our headquarters located at 29020 Three Notch Road (Route 5) in Mechanicsville, MD. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are happy to answer any questions you have and to help you find the right camper to pull behind your vehicle for the holidays.

We will help you to find an RV that feels like home wherever you go. Get ready to hit the road to savings and unbeatable memories as you purchase your next camper at Economy RVS. Please contact us at 301-884-8400 with any questions. Happy camping!