This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Camper

For a long time, the first color that may have come to mind for many people when thinking of RV interiors would have been brown and beige. Those earthy tones are still available, but as the RVing community has expanded, so has the variety of styles and interior options that are available to choose from. A quick scroll through RV hashtags on social media will reveal that RVs are now boasting a variety of color schemes and can be designed and decorated to fit any style under the sun. The rise of lighter, more modern interiors is not all that’s changed about the standard RV that people may have in their minds.

Here are just a few of the other fresh features available inside today’s RVs!

Dreamy Kitchens

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and RV manufacturers and interior designers are making sure that kitchens are keeping up with current home design trends. Having a kitchen accessible wherever you travel is one of the many perks touted by RVers, whether they are hitting the road for an occasional weekend trip or have settled into stationary RV life.

Aside from stylish, efficient indoor kitchens, a new wave of outdoor kitchens has been trending in the RV world. Outdoor kitchens up the ante with even more convenience for RV dwellers who like to eat outside by the campfire. While some are simple in concept, others are equipped with luxurious features like flat screen televisions, built-in grills and griddles, USB chargers and speakers, and more.

Ample Storage and Spacious Layouts

If storage is high on your priority list, there are plenty of RVs that offer storage space both inside and out, so you can fit all the clothing and gear that you’d like during your travels. Or, if an open interior design is something you’re dreaming of, the team at Economy RVS can help you to find used RVs for sale in Maryland that will feature whatever you’re picturing. We can help you to find the spacious layout and storage to suit your needs among the new or used RVS we have for sale in MD.

Luxury Features

With each passing year, the amount of luxury features available in RVs increases – and not just in the higher end models. Whatever your price point, luxury is becoming more accessible. For instance, heated theater seats may have only been available in a luxury fifth wheel or motorhome model a few decades ago. Today, features like these are available in travel trailers at affordable prices.

Smart Capabilities

Inevitably, smart technology has entered the RV space and brought even more opportunities for convenience and to enhance the camping experience. An RV equipped with smart technology brings the possibility of controlling basic functions, such as opening and extending an awning or turning lights on and off. Controlling things like this from a smartphone or tablet is a function that people appreciate – especially when it helps to make jobs that used to require two people a one-person job instead. It can also make setting up camp after dark a lot easier.

Remote diagnostic capabilities, like checking on the vehicle’s interior temperature even when you’re away from the campground, are another great part of having an RV outfitted with smart technology. Some RV models are equipped with USB charging ports built into the RV walls like traditional electrical outlets. Whatever smart technology you’re looking for to meet your RVing needs as you shop for new and used RVS for sale in MD, our team can help you to find it.

Pet-Friendly Components

Gone are the days when pets are given no special accommodations when it’s time to hit the road. The RVing community is known for their love of pets, and the features available for pets in today’s RVs reflect that. In today’s market, you can be sure to find an RV that is comfortable not just for people but for pets. RV manufacturers have added features such as hidden dog bowl drawers that can be extended for feeding time and otherwise conveniently tucked away. Many models offer a designated dog bed and kennel space. Other RVs have no carpet whatsoever to be totally pet-friendly. If there is something you’d like your RV to be equipped with for your pet, chances are it’s on the market waiting for you.

Bottom line: any negative, preconceived notions you may have about RVs can be cast aside. Consumers today have more choices than ever, and that means Economy RVS can help you to find a personalized RV to suit your unique style and preferences.

At Economy RVS, we have a wide range of new and used RVS for sale in southern Maryland, where we have been serving the RV community for more than 25 years.

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